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An Investigation On The Number Of Bacteria In The Different Types Of Water Bottles.


Recently, there have been a variety of water bottles for people to choose from, which they use to drink water daily. However, these people do not know how much bacteria there is in the water, which could potentially harm them. The aim of our experiment is to investigate on the number of bacteria in the different types of water bottles. The 320ml metal tumbler, 630ml plastic mug and 600ml mineral plastic bottle should all have different amounts of growth of bacteria. Testing this with a simulation, which was to drink from three different water bottles every 2 hours, from 8.30am to 6.30pm, for two days. After filling up the bottles, water samples were taken for cultivation of bacteria. After the second day of testing, another sample was taken.  Results indicated that the plastic mug had the most bacteria, whereas metal tumbler had the least. Different materials that cause the temperature of water to remain constant causes lesser growth of bacteria. Using this knowledge, the general populace can understand which bottle material is the best to use.

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